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Our Founder

"With the world and ecommerce changing so much after the pandemic we are presented with so many online opportunities. Online businesses are created every second and we have the flexibility to work and start a business from anywhere !

One simple idea can change your life and create the opportunity you have always dreamed of .

Im here to guide, teach and support you through the process."

Kamelia M.


Ana Martinez-Feliciano Owner of "Latina Made Not Maid"

It was a pleasure working with and learning from Kamelia. When I was trying to start up my clothing business, her guidance was priceless. She gave me a timeline as well as tips and tricks on how to maximize the profits on the inventory that I purchased. I learned about pricing, packaging, and marketing for my product. 

Rosie Santana Owner of "Bada$$ Leisurewear"

Kamelia is an extraordinary individual. She has put forth a unique, high-quality product that makes women feel and look phenomenal. Her level of expertise of the products and experience in marketing is magnanimous. From day one that I decided to start my own business, she walked me through the process of achieving great sales.

Crystal Lee Owner of "SW Fitness"

Kamelia owner of Figure Slim has been incredible mentoring in started up my own business. She not only handles everything with the manufacturer but if anything is wrong with a product she jumps right on it to correct it. She is patient & informative as this is my 1st time starting a business solo. I have my up and down moments but if it wasn't for her mentoring I don't know what I would do. Anyone, would lucky enough to benefit from her expertise.